Autism Isn’t Contagious!

Autism Isnt Contagious -FI

I’m up with Johnny Ben again tonight. Yes, it’s 4:30am. I’m not looking for sympathy. He’s been the cutest, sweetest, and kindest little boy imaginable tonight, as he is almost all the time. It’s just that he’s awake. Considering his stages of sleep are not like the rest of ours, it happens from time to […]

Do Not Fear! Printable Scripture Cards and Posters

Do Not Fear - FI

A World of Fear It is far too easy to be fearful these days. Whether it’s anxiety over life circumstances, internal turmoil, or the flood of news reports that haunt our days, fear is everywhere. Fear is also just a part of the human condition. It keeps us up at night and causes great anxiety. Young […]