The Best Unschooling Websites

Unschooling Websites and Resources to inspire and inform.

Are you interested in teaching your child in a way that creates energy and excitement for learning? The unschooling method encourages your child to learn without stress or artificially imposed deadlines and test-based standards. Even if circumstances prevent you from fully embracing an unschooling lifestyle, you can use many of the ideas from the unschool […]

Home School Adventure Giveaway


Oh! I am so excited to share this giveaway with you! The products included in this giveaway are some of my most favorite in the great collective of homeschool curricula we have tried over the years. I am in the process of reviewing Creative Freewriting Adventure – A Journey into Freewriting by Stacy Farrell right […]

LEGO Math Playdough Mats


Sometimes, it is fun to combine your two favorite things into a learning activity. These fun LEGO® Math Playdough Mats combine LEGOs with playdough. What’s not to love? These playdough mats teach one-to-one correspondence and beginning addition for preschool and kindergarten students while engaging children in kinesthetic play. Laminate your playdough mats for long-term use. […]