Discipling Our Children

A few weeks ago, our associate minister Rich Shipe (@Christy Farris Shipe) stood in for our minister who was on vacation.  I enjoyed the sermon very much, was challenged by it and wanted to share it with you.  A funny thing happened right at the start.  I was a little startled by the fact that the passage was in the Psalms and Rich either commented right up front or I read the sermon title and I could not believe that he could find anything in the Psalms regarding discipleship of our family.  So, I popped up my iPhone LOGOS app and read the entire chapter up front just to see if I agreed or if this particular sermon was going to be a passage taken out of context.

While I was still reading, Rich made a comment about hoping we hadn’t already zoned out on our iPhones checking the local news already.  I shrunk down in my chair and my Mom sitting next to me nearly laughed out loud!  It was a very funny moment and yet I knew right then that this sermon was going to speak straight to my heart — even if I did later start to nod off for just a few seconds…  I still listened, uploaded it to my computer and listened again, talked to my kids about it, and every time I am tempted to just sink deeper into my chair and ignore my children and their arguments or spiritual needs I remember this sermon.  Good job Rich!

Here is the link so you can see (hear) for yourself.


Amy Blevins
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Amy Blevins


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