An Elephant Never Forgets: 20 Great Reads About Scripture Memory

As you well know if you read my blog regularly, I am pretty passionate about Scripture Memory.  It’s just important!  That’s all I’m saying.  When I shared a recent five-day series on Scripture Memory, I did quite a bit of reading and found some pretty amazing posts on the blogs of my friends.  I would like to share those posts with you!

Scripture MemoryThere are so many different ideas about how to do Scripture Memory and why it’s important, you might want to bookmark this post or pin it to Pinterest and come back several times!

20 Blog Articles on Scripture Memory (some with free printables too!)

From Trisha @ Intoxicated on Life: 5 Reasons our Family Memorizes the Bible

From Amy @ Habits for a Happy Home  Scripture Memory and my iPhone

From Edee Marie @ Water on the Floor: Scripture Memory System

From Emily @ Raising Sticky Hands to Heaven:  Hiding Him in Little Hearts ( a whole category!)

From Ticia @ Adventures in Mommydom: Memory Verse Puzzles to Help Memorize

From Danika @ Thinking Kids: Bible Memory to Go

From Jenn @ Living Called: Bible Memory Strategies for Toddlers and Preschoolers

From Jami @ A Biblical Marriage:  A Heart Prepared Scripture Memory Cards (free and beautiful!)

From Lindsey @ Passionate Homemaking: Tucking Them in With Truth: Scripture Memory with Little Ones

From Theresa @ Parenting Like Hannah: Fun Crafts for Scripture Memory

Form Laura @ Victorious Christian Woman: Create a Scripture Memory Book

From Melanie @ Melanie Dorsey: Learn it, Love it, Live it. Scripture Memory

From Ocieanna @ Bible Memory Extravaganze: Five Games to Beat Boredom

From Soozie @ Introspection of the Ordinary: Bible Memory Days of the Week

From Anne @ Future Flying Saucers: A Way to Memorize Scripture

From Anna @ The Imagination Tree: Bible Memory Verses

From Melissa @ Melissa Nesdahl: Transforming A Photo Album into a Memory Verse Book

From Busy Hands, Blessed Hearts: ABC Bible Memory Book

From Our Family for His Glory: Diving In To Philipians

From Journey and Destination: Bible Memory and Bible Literacy

And a bonus Scripture Memory Free Resource I Love!

An amazing collection of Bible Verse Coloring Pages! from A Kid’s Heart


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    I can’t wait to check all of these out! We start our new school year in 2 weeks, so this is perfect timing. Thank you for compiling this, Amy! Pinning it right now.

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    Amy, thank you for linking to my post and for all the other sites you posted above. God’s Word is foundational to everything else we do. I’ll enjoy taking the time to visit your selections.

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    Wonderful list of resources! Thanks so much for including my post about teaching young children to memorize scripture, Amy. So glad you found it to be helpful and encouraging. :)

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