Feeling a Little Alone?

Feeling A Little Alone? Be Encouraged Homeschool Mom? From #homeschool encouragement

Sometimes, I feel a little alone. I’m having a rough day, and I wonder if other moms are struggling too. Am I the only mom who sees broken slats on a kitchen chair and remembers the day her teenage threw it across the room in a fit of rage? Am I the only mom who […]

Adding LEGO® Enrichment To Any Subject

Adding LEGO® Enrichment to your #Homeschool to encourage and motivate your kids to learn.

When I talk about LEGO® Learning as it happens in our home, I am most often talking about adding LEGOs to what we already do. Like adding a couple of LEGO men to our Pop Rocket Science Experiment. For my LEGO fans, it just seems natural to bring the little bricks into every area of […]

When LEGO® Men Fly: a Supercharged Science Review

Supercharged Science

We have an interesting product to share with you today. Supercharged Science. Interesting, because it is unlike anything I have ever seen. We were privileged to review the e-Science Premium Membership which is $57 per month. This resource is intended for all grade levels (K-12).  Another option is $37 per month for K-8. I was told that the heart […]