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Product Review: Amazing Science Volume 1

Have I mentioned how much I love Science DVD’s for their ease and simplicity? I love being able to put that little disc in and know that my children are at least getting a little bit of science.

One major frustration I have had with this method of science education was the complete lack of hands-on experiments. I have to admit something though. I did not really think a video of science experiments would be worthwhile. In order to get the full benefit of a science experiment, you need to experience the experiment. Right?

Amazing Science Volume 1 arrived. I made all the kids sit down and popped in the video. We didn’t even make it through the first experiment before the clamoring began.

“Mom, is this really real?”

“That could not possibly be real. He’s faking that somehow.”

“Wow! That is so cool!!!! Can we try that and see if it is real?”

“Does that really work?”

“Do you have whole milk and food coloring?”

“Can we do it right now?”


It’s been a long time since I have seen that much excitement about science in this house. I had to go get whole milk and food coloring right away. We used a whole gallon of milk doing this experiment over and over. And that was just the first experiment! Not only are my children actually doing the science experiments — they are getting excited about science! I have a broad range of ages using Amazing Science volume 1. Every single child wants to participate in the experiments. From the three year old to the thirteen year old. They all gather around and exclaim with excitement when whatever Mr. Jason did actually works in their home.


So what exactly is Amazing Science? Well, it’s a video of science experiments. These experiments are performed and explained by Jason Gibson of The setup of the videos is very simple. Mr. Gibson stands at the table with his supplies, puts his safety goggles on, and starts the experiment. As he demonstrates, he explains. After the demonstration, he explains again. Sometimes, he demonstrates twice. For instance, in the experiment about air pressure which uses two cups full of water stuck together, one of the cups is upside down and still full of water. But you can’t see the water until the second time he does the experiment — with clear cups. It’s pretty cool. The experiments really are so amazing that your children are going to want to do each one themselves. And then they are going to want to amaze their friends. Have I mentioned yet that we are enjoying Amazing Science?


In the interest of being completely honest, I have to tell you that my children find the explanations boring. They don’t want to listen to Mr. Gibson talk. They get frustrated with that part. However, if they want to show their friends later, they do have to actually understand what is going on. So they do listen and learn. But the part they enjoy is the actual experiment demonstration – watching the magic unfold.


My Bottom Line: I am buying more of the Amazing Science series as soon as they are made. Even if one of my children is fussing when I get out the dvd, they all six stop whatever they are doing to come and watch. The experiments are fascinating and fun. Volume 1 comes with 2 dvds and contains 23 experiments for $19.95. You can actually watch trailers of a few experiments to get a flavor of the videos by following any of the links included in this review.


Disclaimer: I received Amazing Science Volume 1 at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review on my blog as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. All opinions expressed on my blog are my own. You can find out what my other crew mates think of Amazing Science here.

Amy Blevins
Amy lives with her husband and six beautiful children in Northern Virginia. Besides blogging, Amy enjoys homeschooling, hiking, reading, singing, teaching, and serving Jesus above all. Welcome.
Amy Blevins


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    Thank you Geni! I did add links, I just somehow pushed publish before I was finished! And, I have pictures coming I just think we must have used my daughter’s phone and she isn’t home right now. I will be so upset if those pictures are lost, they are precious!

  2. geni says

    GREAT photos! kids are growing so quickly :( sure hope our paths will cross again soon and that you are totally recovered and enjoying spring! tell everyone hello from me and thanks for the links!

  3. Dana Stege says

    Looks great. My guy loves science but the dvd’s would still be nice to have! And the price is not bad. Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate it.


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