Product Review and Giveaway: Big Book of Earth and Sky by Master Books

I hesitate to call this a book, and yet it is a book.  Book is even in the title.  Big Book of Earth and Sky, a 15 foot chart showing the inner core to outer atmosphere.  It is really more of a gigantic folding heavy-duty poster with an amazing hardcover case.  Whatever you want to call it, this thing is seriously cool.  The pictures and illustrations included in this book are beautiful!  The information presented covers an overview of all of Earth science. The material is all presented from a Christian World-view and a Young Earth Creationist perspective.  You know I like that!

The WOW factor of this book is what my children like most.

Big Book of Earth and Sky by Master Books

Each page of Big Book of Earth and Sky presents a visual feast of information very similar in style to a popular secular book publisher.  The result is stunning and the best part is that Master Books offer a distinct contrast in content to the secular alternative.  I love having books I can share with my children without editing as I read and the excellence of quality content makes Big Book of Earth and Sky a perfect fit for our family.

We use Big Book of Earth and Sky several different ways.  By reading and studying just one page a day, we have gotten a fairly quick overview of Earth science and put some hooks in place for further study.  Once we read the book all the way through, we started using the book differently.  Revisiting individual pages for reference when we are ready to touch on a subject in more detail puts the charts and illustrations included in the book to good use and gives us a more visually stimulating supplement as we delve into reading and notebooking for each topic.  The only thing I try to do is restrict access to the book so that my younger children do no inadvertently tear the pages.

My Bottom Line:  I highly recommend the Big Book of Earth and Sky to all teacher’s of Young-Earth-Creation Science, to all families hoping to share some truth with their children from a Christian world-view.

The Giveaway:  One Lucky Winner is going to get a free copy of Big Book of Earth and Sky.  Please use the Rafflecopter form to enter.

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