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When a friend who is getting her Lila Rose business off the ground contacted me about reviewing the Flexi-Clip, I was thrilled. My oldest daughter already has two of these marvels, but she isn’t willing to share with me. I’ve been wanting one (or two, or three) of my very own for a while now. I am very excited to be supporting another homeschool Mom in her business too! Let me tell you what a Flexi-Clip is all about.


Each clip is a beautiful figure eight design with beads and gemstones. The back is a wedge shaped stick that slips into the loop of the figure eight and holds your hair in place. I am not sure exactly how the science works, but the pressure of your hair and the balance of the clip keeps the stick in place really well. You can put your hair up into multiple styles using this little thing. I have put my hair in what is called the “half-up” in the first picture. I just pulled back the top half of my hair and inserted the flexi-clip. You can also put your hair in a “full-up” aka pony tail. Except the flexi-clip will not break your hair. Other style designs include the classic french-twist, and a cute “messy bun” as my niece calls them. The same size that works for a half-up for me (extra-small) works as a ponytail for my eight-year old daughter as show here.


I’ve had my “half-up” hairdo in all day without any slipping. This style is perfect for me because it lets me pull my hair out of my face during the day really easily. I can take it down right before hubby gets home (that’s what he prefers) and I don’t have any weird shapes in my hair from wearing ponytail bands all day. I love the fact that the flexi-clip dresses up the regular ponytail or half-up style. So what feels like a super casual, easy style is super easy to create and looks elegant.

My Bottom Line: I plan to buy a few more of these for sure. I want to get several different sizes so that I can wear my hair in each of the different styles. I know my oldest daughter wants more of these too, so we will be a returning customer. My youngest daughter has sensory issues and did not like the flexi-clip in her hair, but that’s okay because now I don’t have to share…  I made her put it in for the picture because it looks so good with her curls.

The Giveaway:  I am so excited to be offering one lucky winner their very own flexi-clip of choice — up to $16 value!  Please visit Jennifer’s Lilla Rose site  and choose which flexi-clip you would like to win.  Let me know in the comments section.  Once you comment, click enter on the rafflecopter form and you will find more entry options open up.

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    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I like the dangle flexi clip. So pretty! I encourage you to list this giveaway on my giveaway page too. Hugs P.S. don’t forget to enter my giveaway too

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