Product Review and Giveaway! Bag Organizer Insert by Samorga


What I love most about my new bag organizer insert by Samorga is not what you would expect.

Yes, it does make switching purses easier. When I want to go to the library, I just take this handy dandy Organizer out of my purse and put it in my library bag. When I want my black purse for a night out with my hubby, I just pull this organizer out and move it — now everything important is in my black purse. But that is not what I love most…


Yes, it does make finding my must-have items much easier. My iPhone has a place. My iPod has a place. My lipstick has a place. My keys have a place. My sunglasses have a place. My wallet has a place. My hand cleaner and my Kleenex have a place. Even my inkpens have a place. But that is not what I love most…20120321-162649.jpg

I think the removable divider is pretty cool. I use the insert most of the time because it is a perfect fit for my iPhone and my iPod. But sometimes I want to have more space for extra stuff in my bag insert (like when I have a sudden need to carry baby wipes for instance), so I move my iPhone and iPod to the outside pockets and take this little removable divider out. Presto! More room. But that is not what I love most…


My very favorite thing about the Bag Organizer Insert is what you don’t see when you look inside my purse….

You do not see receipts. You do not see pieces of gum wadded up inside of paper. You do not see used kleenex (gross, but I do have toddlers…). You don’t see any trash at all. Because whenever I absolutely cannot find a place to throw something out, or I absolutely must keep that receipt — I just tuck it under my pretty pink insert. That is priceless! When I find a trashcan, I just pull the organizer out…. and get rid of the mess underneath!  This is what I love the most about my new organizer.


Now, when my daughter or husband are digging through my purse to find my keys or phone, they don’t say “Ewwwwww…”


They say, “Aha!”

One lucky winner is going to get a beautiful bag organizer from Samorga. This one is larger and is designed for a tote bag. It does not have the handles. This style could also be used in your car, or on a counter, dresser, bathroom, baby’s room etc. to keep your things organized and handy. The one you might win is a cool orange color, fun pockets of all shapes and sizes, and has that nifty removable divider. It is made of the same lightweight 22 mm felt, with sturdy and beautiful stitching. Doesn’t it just look exciting? I wanted to keep it. For my tote bags.( I love my tote bags) But, I am extra excited to be giving it to one of you!

20120323-232208.jpg 20120323-232216.jpg

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Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were provided to me by Samorga in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Here you have it.

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  1. Julie Roetto says

    As far as which one I’d pick, I really don’t know. I don’t use a purse that would hold one, but I could use it for one of the bags I use for kid stuff. I like the black felt bag organizer, I could put some stuff in it ;)

  2. says

    I need more organization in my life (you should see my desk)! I think the tote bag organizer would be perfect . . . and the brighter the color, the better!

  3. says

    I like the medium sized organizers. I think it would help me organize my diaper bag. Or school supplies in the tote bag. I could use help with both!

  4. says

    OH~ These are neat! I like the one you’re giving away, but I would prefer one with straps (95.light grey bag organizer – small size). Orange is a good color for our house. :) I’d use it in my various canvas tote-bags~ I’m always switching things out and around.

  5. says

    What a NEAT idea! I could use the small size ones inside my purses, the way you’ve been using yours. (I have the same tendency to collect crumpled receipts and used tissues. Ick) OR…. I’m looking at the XXLarge ones, and one of those would be perfect for in the minivan – hold the CDs and DVDs and all the stuff we need on road trips.

  6. says

    I would love a tote bag organizer. I’ve recently taught myself to always put my keys in the same pocket in my purse, but that doesn’t help me when I leave my purse at home and carry a tote bag.

  7. says

    I would pick one of the bigger ones — have to measure my tote bag. It would be great to take “my stuff” out then use the bag for library books, etc.

  8. says

    I think I would pick the wine colored bag organizer and I would use it in my tote bag. I love the idea of these organizers and I know that if win the one you are offering I’ll have to fight my oldest daughter for it!

  9. Stacy says

    This seems like such a great idea, especially since it seems like it is not adding that much extra weight to the bag like some organizers!

  10. Debbie Clauer says

    I REALLY like the wine felt bag organizer – large size. I could sure use this – love big bags, but my stuff gets lost inside !!

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