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Product Review: Biology 101 DVD series

Sometimes a review product is an answer to prayer.

The first time I heard about Biology 101 ($50.95), I was talking to a neighbor friend last year who mentioned how much her children were enjoying it. She thought I would have already heard of it before and brought it up because I had just blogged about using dvds to teach science in our home. We talked about it a few times, and we were both just sure it would be a good fit for my family because our sons are so similar. I put it in the back of my mind in the place where I keep ideas for future curriculum purchases when money is available. I also added it to my prayer list of “if this is a good fit for our family, help me find the funds.”

Biology 101 from Timberdoodle CompanyA few weeks ago, Joy at Timberdoodle Company emailed me to ask if I would like another product for review. The product? Biology 101. I was floored! Especially since I still had a different product out for review — this came as a very special surprise.

Biology 101 pics

My friend was using her Biology 101 dvds with the 114 page guidebook containing discussion questions, quizzes, and lab suggestions with her 16 year old, but my oldest student is 13. We decided to go ahead and use the dvds as an overview of Biology without the high school level student work with my 11 year old and my 13 year old. Many times my 9 year old wanders in to see what we are all watching. A few minutes ago I was watching the last dvd by myself to take some pictures and my son came downstairs to watch again…  Yesterday my husband happened to be home from work and couldn’t help but sit down and watch with us. We were finishing up the series by watching the dvd on genetics. That certainly made for an interesting dinner table conversation last night! It was so fun to have something school related that we could all discuss together.

Biology 101 is a creation-based science curriculum with a Christian worldview. The videos are fast-paced and captivating. For the video on genetics, the narrator sat down with 23 cassette tapes and presented a fascinating analogy for cells, dna, rna, and genes. I was surprised at how excellent and varied the filming techniques were for this series. Each video covers a vast amount of information in 35-45 minutes. The set contains four dvds with a total of 9 lessons. Since the videos were so long, we broke each one up into two sessions and at twice a week that covers one semester.

The nine individual segments include:

Introduction: Defining Life and Life Classification
Aquatic (water) Creatures
Avian (flying) Creatures
Land Animals Part 1
Land Animals Part 2
Mankind Part 1
Mankind Part 2
Conclusion: Cells, Genetics, and a Brief History of Biology

A few weeks ago my friend came home for a visit and I asked her if she wanted to sell her Chemistry 101 set (next in the series!) since she was finished with it. “Oh, no,” she said. “I would have a hard time getting the kids to give that up. They still put those and the biology dvds in and watch them all the time.”  – I guess now is a good time to add the chemistry set to my prayer list …

My Bottom Line: By themselves, the Biology 101 DVDs make an excellent introduction to Biology for the middle school student and can be enjoyed by the entire family. With the workbook materials included, this set is a complete high school level course for Biology. We will be using these videos over and over for the next decade.

Full Disclosure: I received Biology 101 for free from the Timberdoodle Company as part of the Because Mom Said review team in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Here you have my honest reiew. If you’ve never heard of Timberdoodle, you can request a Timberdoodle catalog — they are an amazing company with great products.

Amy Blevins
Amy lives with her husband and six beautiful children in Southern California. Besides blogging, Amy enjoys homeschooling, hiking, reading, singing, teaching, and serving Jesus above all. Welcome.
Amy Blevins


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