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Product Review: Go Science DVDs

Short. Sweet. Science. Bible Lesson. DVD.


Each short segment (chapter) of a Go Science DVD is a new Science experiment with a reference to a story or lesson from the Bible. Each segment ends with the statement “When you learn something new about Science, you learn something new about God, our Creator.”

In a homeschool, these video segments would work really well at the beginning of your Science lesson each day, or at the beginning of your Bible lesson each day either one. You can also just sit and watch segment after segment like my kids do. The video segments would be awesome as an introduction to a Sunday school lesson or junior church program or as a part of VBS each night. Each segment is from 3-6 minutes, and each dvd is about 45 minutes in length. None of the segments go into explanations of the science – you watch the experiment and Mr. Roy talks about what happened and briefly relates it to a bible story.


You can purchase six volumes, and each volume covers three topics. I reviewed Volume 3 (Magnetism, Engineering, Electricity, and Design) and Volume 4 (Chemistry, States of Matter, Life Sciences). You can also purchase Volume 1 (Motion, Laws of Gravity) Volume 2 (Simple Machines, Sound, Weather), Volume 5 (Air, Flight) and Volume 6 (Water, Space, Solar System). Each DVD by itself is $8.97 and the set of six can be purchased for $47.95.

Go Science DVDs were originally published for a Christian television show. The presenter, Ben Roy is very high energy and very engaging with his live audience. Some of my older children thought he was a little over the top, but he kept the attention of each of my children in the recommended age group (age 6-11) and also kept the attention of both 3 year olds. My 11-year-old son says that he will definitely watch the dvds again.

My Bottom Line: I love the fact that these dvds honor God as Creator and present Science in a fun and engaging manner. The Go Science DVDs are very high energy and get kids excited about science.

FYI: Library and Educational Services is a wonderful website for purchasing books and dvds at wholesale prices. They have a wonderful selection of materials from a Creation science perspective. I like to support companies like that. :) (Just My Opinion).

Disclaimer: I received the Go Science DVDs from libraryanded.com at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Here you have it. This review is part of the Homeschool Crew reviews. You can read what my other crew members have to say about Go Science at the Homeschool Crew website.

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Amy Blevins


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