Product Review and Giveaway! Hero Tales Audio CD Volume 3 by Raising Real Men

Have you ever found yourself learning as much or more in your homeschool as your children are learning?

I started Hero Tales volume 3 right at the same moment chaos broke out in my car. After a few minutes when everything calmed down I pushed a button to start the cd over at the beginning. Immediately, a protest arose from the back seat. “Mom, please don’t stop the cd — I was listening to that…”  ” I’m not stopping it I just didn’t hear the beginning and I can’t figure out who he’s talking about and what Napoleon has to do with it.”

Did you know that Napoleon was a contemporary of Andrew Jackson? I sure had no idea they lived at the same time! I love these recordings of Hero Tales. I always learn something! The stories are engaging and thought-provoking at the same time. My children and I were absolutely captivated by the story of the man Francis Parkman, who lived on the brink of insanity and yet endured to accomplish more then many “normal” people. His story is one of bravery and honor and endurance in the face of great hardship. These stories are inspiring stuff!

Hero Tales from American History were written for children by Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt, the president! The stories were read aloud by Hal Young of Raising Real Men. These stories are full of old-fashioned heroes, cannon fire, hand-to-hand combat, and pure grit. Volume 1 includes stories about George Washington, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, the Battle of Trenton, and Bennington. Volume 2 includes stories about Kings Mountain, Stoney Poin, Gouveneur Morris, the Philadelphia, the Wasp, the Privateer General Armstrong. Volume 3 includes stories about Andrew Jackson (the battle of New Orleans), Francis Parkman, Davy Crocket and the Alamo, Hampton Roads, and a flagbearer. Each CD is just $7 and as an mp3 download just $4. This is an incredible value! Actually, right now the volume 3 cd is at an introductory price of just $5 for the cd.

My Bottom Line:  I love these cds. I think every family with boys should own them.  Our boys need more examples of real, down-to-earth manly heroes.

The Giveaway:  Hal and Melanie of Raising Real Men have graciously agreed to give one lucky reader a complete set of Hero Tales — all three volumes!  Please follow instructions to make sure you are entered.

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Amy Blevins


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  1. says

    Don’t you love learning along with them? I have learned so much more about history since we started homeschooling than I ever learned in school. And my family loves audio books. They are perfect for road trips! Do you have a link to a good source for these cd’s?

  2. geni says

    they need more boys! got eight of them here and raising real men never ends :) TRULY worth all the effort! <3 I'm thinking I should blog or write a book too!


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