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Product Review and Giveaway! What’s In The Bible Volume 1 by Phil Vischer


If I told you that the makers of Veggie Tales have a newer series devoted to explaining Scripture, what would you expect? Real people? Boy bands? Popsicle stick illustrations? How about zany puppets? Well, no matter what you would expect it to be high quality right? What’s In The Bible is a spoof on The Muppet Show and at the same time it is an overview of the Bible.


The first dvd includes lots of really great quotable one-liners, lots of hysterical humor, and also covers some pretty heavy material. Phil Vischer does a pretty good job of covering the two Christian views of Creation (Young Earth and Old Earth) from an unbiased viewpoint.


What’s In the Bible moves at a fairly rapid pace, and covers the Bible in eight dvds (16 episodes). Each DVD is roughly $10.


My Bottom Line: We would like to own all eight of these dvds. I do not agree with every single thing in these videos, but for the most part they are an excellent biblical overview perfect for elementary-aged children. Even my thirteen-year-old was watching and laughing.


The Giveaway: I just happen to have an extra copy of What’s In the Bible Volume 1 to give away to one lucky winner. Please leave a comment and answer the question “What is your favorite resource to teach your children about the Bible?”

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Amy Blevins
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Amy Blevins


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  1. Debbie says

    We have used Student of the Word curriculum for 8 yrs. LOVE how my children have learned somuch and so many Biblical principles.

  2. Vanessa says

    I love finding creative ways to teach Bible truths through snacks, games, crafts, etc. I also like CDs that put Scripture to music. I think music is one of the best teaching tools.

  3. says

    I haven’t ever used “What’s in the Bible” but would love the opportunity to try it. I have heard so much about it lately – it seems to be very popular with home educators. We have been using a children’s Bible with the Child Training Bible Kit along with several other character training resources. Our history and science curriculum are also Biblically-based. We also have plans to use Weaver Volume 1 this year.
    You can read my review for the Child Training Bible kit at http://totplay.blogspot.com/search/label/Child%20Training%20Bible. The giveaway recently ended but feel free to read and comment on the review. We are loving it!
    God bless,
    Tracey M.

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