Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match Game

We’ve been playing lots of games together – the twins and I. Using Activity Bags has opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating my own games for us to play. I found these foam pumpkin stickers on my shelf today and thought I could probably come up with a fun 3D game for them to play. Not only does picking up these pieces help with fine motor skills, they are learning to match their uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time.

My first step in creating this game is figuring out how I would lay out the game board. I tried a few sizes of green paper, and ended up with a 9×12 peice of green construction paper as my final choice. Next, I carefully laid out the pumpkins so that they weren’t all grouped by color or size. Once I had the pumpkins lined up the way I wanted them, I labeled them from A to Z, putting uppercase letters on the large pumpkins and lowercase letters on the small pumpkins.


I only had exactly 26 pumpkins, so I am not saying a full set of uppercase and lowercase here. Then, underneath each pumpkin I carefully wrote the opposite matching letter (uppercase or lowercase depending on the pumpkin size. For the board preparation, all that remained was lamination, using a 9 x 14 laminating pouch and my handy and inexpensive Scotch Thermal laminator.


Next I had to get the game pieces ready. Since they were stickers, I placed each on a piece of green cardstock and cut them out so that the game could be used repeatedly. And, we were ready to roll. I named my game The Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Game and told the twins they were creating a pumpkin patch. The perfect game to play over and over in November!

I placed the game pieces and board in a gallon size ziploc. They don’t quite fit, but it will have to do for now. I am excited and inspired to try making even more games for my three-year-olds and my older children. Have you made any games to help your children learn? I would love to have comments with ideas!

Amy Blevins
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Amy Blevins


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    We loved our Activity Bags too – especially the travel one. I feel so grossly inadequate in the creativity department so I love it when people like you come up with good ideas for me to use! :) (from TOS)


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