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Celebrating the Second Sunday of Advent

Advent celebration at the Blevins' house

We celebrated the second Sunday of Advent tonight by lighting the third candle… I think I already mentioned that we started a week early. Anyway, we read our Scripture and sang O Little Town of Bethlehem. I found a picture of the nativity in my files to print and the children had fun coloring while I read. This is a great way to keep the little ones still!

Advent Coloring Pages

We also enjoyed Cheesecake Spritz cookies as a special treat. I try to have cookies each Sunday for our Advent candle-lighting event. Even the twins have been talking about lighting the next candle all day today… It’s a big deal!

Cheesecake Spritz Cookies

I love celebrating Advent and have found it to be a wonderful way to bring the focus of Christmas back onto Christ. We use a simple schedule I have written and published to keep us on track.  Here is what our schedule looked like for today:

Boys color nativity coloring page


Amy Blevins
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Amy Blevins


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    I love seeing how other people celebrate Advent. Every year I mean to do better with it — some years, just remembering to buy candles is a challenge. This year, we’ve been lighting our wreath almost every night, and I’ve been transported back to my childhood when there were more than “oldest” and “youngest” children and squabbles over “I want a turn to light it!!!” I think they will survive!

    Stopping by from the Blog Cruise — thanks for sharing!!


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